Hey, welcome here! I am Vijay, founder of Vacuumonly.com and I’d like to say thank you for dropping by.

If you’re reading this then thanks for taking the time to find out more about me and why I created this website. Like most consumers I always look at reviews before buying something even more so if the product is worth more than spending value, I am sure a lot of you do the same thing.

How can this site help you find the best vacuum?

On Internet many sites out there that contain reviews, from ecommerce sites as well as from top sites, bloggers to technology sites. But as you will notice they focus on many products at a time and not on specific product niche like vacuums, then write reviews on a broad range of products and even services, some time they uses very technical language that may hard to decide to which product is good to buy. So, I decided here present the best niche specific in depth product reviews to the consumer in an easy to learn form so that they don’t waste their valuable time by searching in Google & reading hundreds of pages worth of reviews on these sites.

You’re lucky because I have gone ahead and done research, put in the hours, studied the other related aspects so that you can just go ahead and easily pick the best vacuum. This means you can spend less time on your computer & do the easy work with your new best vacuum cleaner.

I am going to add more content regularly so please visit this site time to time, stay tuned!